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Pinkie Pie Pinktacular Desktop by PhilipTomkins Pinkie Pie Pinktacular Desktop by PhilipTomkins
Pinkie Pie From My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic,
heading to Sugar Cube Corner.

Desktop is 1920x1200 [16:10]
Imaged can be cropped to 1920x1080 [16:9]

Check out my other MLP: FIM wallpapers here: [link]
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Snowkitty24 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You should make a Pinkamena version of this, just sayin'! I would love to have my desktop flip between Pinkie and Pinkamena :3
SimpleCalamity Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I have this as my background, and now my computer is invaded with pink! :iconpinkiesmileplz:
MarrockV Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012
How about remaking them in PNG format?

Not a huge fan of JPGs.
PhilipTomkins Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Windows doesn't fully support png desktop. when you set a png as your desktop it compresses it quickly to a supported low quality format.
Also using png files with the desktop slideshow slows it down each time it goes to display them because it needs to convert the image each time.
So I save them as high quality jpg which it supports and it looks perfect on my 1920x1080 desktop
The preview for the image above is blurry because it is being compressed by diviantart to fit in a smaller spot, the full download is fine.
asherza Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012
any chance that you will do maybe version with other ponies like Luna/Celestia, Chrysalis/NMM, CMC or Derpy?
PhilipTomkins Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have no plan to make anymore wallpapers in this style, I don't want to over use it.
I do however have plans to make normal vectors/wallpapers for other ponies.
PhilipTomkins Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
When I first drew the scene from the show [link]
I wanted to draw more like it so i started drawing wallpapers similar to its style for the other 5 ponies.
When i finished the last one i went back and looked at that first scene of pinkie pie i drew, but it didn't quite fit right with the others.
So i decided to re-draw Pinkie Pies to make it match in with the theme and color layout of the other 5.
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July 5, 2012
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